The American Community Survey's 2020 estimates are here!

What you need to know about the American Community Survey's new 2020 estimates

Fri 18 March 2022 1 minute

On March 17th, the American Community Survey officially published their 5-year estimates of census data, ranging from 2016 to 2020. Naturally, you may have questions about how Censtats is going to handle this release. Fortunately, we have answers!

The 2020 5-year estimates produced by the ACS were delayed by COVID-19. Originally slated for release in December, they're only now getting released, and as such we are going to be offering them as curated products as well.

We are hard at work as is continuing to process and verify 2019 data (we’ll be discussing how we do this in a future blogpost), but 2020 data is well on its way, too. On release, it will be priced at the same rate as 2019 data: $4.99 per state; $199.99 for the United States. We will have more information on exact dates of release in the near future, but our top priority is ensuring that the information found in these census tables is easy to read and accurate to their original source.

Thanks for supporting Censtats, and we look forward to getting the ACS 2020 to you!

Header image sourced with permission from Narupon Promvichai.

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